Make Your Garden Special with a Special Bird Feeder

by Gary Pearson

If you are lucky enough to have a garden, you want to make it as beautiful and as special as you can. Garden ornaments are a great way of doing this, and decorative bird feeders always make a garden look very picturesque. A simple wooden bird feeder can look very elegant with right touches of stain and paint.

There are plain wooden decorative bird feeders that you can get and work on. One thing you can do is to add some miniature shutters and windows, and some paint, and make it look like a replica of your home – this ensure that your decorative bird feeder is unique.

If using a bird feeder as a garden ornament it can be mounted on a pole. It’s necessary to consider squirrel or raccoon activity in the surrounding area before placing a decorative bird feeder anywhere in the garden. If there is a problem with either of these pesky critters, it’s essential to mount the feeder in a high location away from any possible jumping points. The last thing you’ll want is to spend time making a decorative bird feeder, only to be destroyed by a squirrel or raccoon.

If these animals are not a threat in your area, you could put a bird feeder anywhere in your garden as an ornament like on patio, on a large window sill, in a gazebo or hanging in a big tree. A decorative bird feeder would provide great conversation when sitting with visitors in garden. Besides creating conversation for you and your guests, it provide an area of interest for the many birds in the area.

You could always build your decorative bird feeder yourself, if you’re willing to put in effort. There will be a lot of pictures that you can refer to, both online and in plenty of gardening magazines and books. With them as a starting point, you can give free rein to your imagination. Otherwise, you can find very pretty decorative bird feeders online or in your local gardening shops, which is an easier option.

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