Miniature Croquet Set Features Full-size Details

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If you're a subscriber to Woodworker's Journal, then you might recall my article, Making a Croquet Set, that appeared on p. 32 of the July/August 2014 issue. I also shot a video that demonstrates how I turned the balls for that set. You can watch it here.

Making that project inspired a gift that I recently received. On Christmas Morning my wife Susan (Santa) presented me a carefully wrapped package that rattled in a most intriguing way. The 17" by 8" by 4" box contained a children's toy from the 1890s that she found in an antique shop. Turned from boxwood, it was a miniature croquet set that could be played on a table. The workmanship of the set is very good and so consistent that the turned parts had to be turned on a semi-automatic lathe; probably what was called a back knife lathe. The balls and mallet heads are boxwood but the handles and stakes look to be white ash.


The set contains 8 mallets and 6 balls, 2 stakes and 10 hoops (they gave you a spare I surmise). I must turn 2 additional balls to replace the missing ones. The mallets are a joy with the handle having a tapered end fitting into a like tapered hole in the head and locking like the Morse tapers in our lathes.

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    So if these jig’s are so great (and I know they are, not questioning) why
    do tablesaw companies not make them? I made my own even though I’m really
    new to woodworking and it was still better than the miter that came with

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    You don’t need lots of skill about woodworking to finally see your project
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