How to Find Rare Collectibles in Antique Fairs

collectibles (3)There is nothing more charming than a day spent antiquing at an antique fair. Whether you are looking to buy antique furniture or antique chandeliers, you can find them in most antique fairs. Not only are antiques beautiful and nostalgic, there are many that are also rare and worth a lot of money. To buy antiques with the goal of finding the most rare and valuable objects is a skill that requires practice and patience, but once you find a treasure that is not only beautiful, but also rare and valuable, you will know the gratification of finding a great antique.

What Makes an Antique Rare?

An antique is rare when there are not a lot of pieces like it left for people to buy. This may be because only a small were made. It may also be because they were so collectibles (1)popular that they were bought in a high volume and it is hard to find one that is for sale, because no one wants to part with the one they own. The best to find a rare collectible piece at an antique fair is to look on the internet beforehand to see which pieces are rare, and look for those pieces once you get to the antique fair. Having some background knowledge about antiques before you arrive will be a great advantage, as you will know what to look for and won’t have to rely completely on the sellers to give you information about what they are trying to .

Make Sure the Antique is Genuine and Well Taken Care Of

You may think you have found a great antique at a steal of a price, but stop for a minute and consider a few things before you buy it. You need to do what you can to check and make sure it is not a fake or counterfeit piece before you invest in it and collectibles (2)take it home with you. Check to make sure there is some sort of branding or signature to indicate that it is a genuine piece, and determine if the signature looks the same way it would in pictures you have seen while you conducted your own research. Also make sure the piece was made well and doesn’t look cheap. If the piece had to be repaired, make sure it was repaired in a way that is only apparent when the piece is examined very closely, as careless repairs drastically reduce the value of a collectible.

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