Weaving an Ash Splint Seat for Shaker Ladderback

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March 3rd, 2015 in blogs

I’ve been building the Shaker Ladderback Armchair in the shop for a couple weeks. The most difficult construction was the ash splint seat. I cut the ash from a local tree about 1/16-in. thick and 5/8-in. wide. Here is the finished piece:

I decided to tackle the SketchUp modeling of the woven seat. I knew that this would be a challenge and learned that it was even more tedious than planned. I usually skip modeling tasks that don’t have a payoff in the shop construction, but this was too enticing. Here is the model with the woven seat.

I started the modeling with a flat plate that provided the boundary and the platform for modeling the woven seat.

The next step was to create the necessary fundemental building blocks for the seat. First I built the Splint Segment Module that would be copied many times to make-up the ash splints. Also, I roughly made the Loops that connect the top weaving to the bottom weaving. These loops are unique for the front, sides, and back edges.

Next I created the

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