Save Money By Increasing Home Furnace Efficiency

by Don Marshall

Winter will be here again very soon. Now is the time to start preparing your furnace for winter months. Doing so will greatly boost furnace efficiency and it’s longevity. Here are some that will you save money on your home heating bills.

Can you think of anything worse than having your furnace quit when you really need it? You can easily avoid such a situation by taking a few simple precautions and being proactive. Prepare your furnace for winter now so it will be running properly when you need it. It will also reward you by saving you money since it’s running efficiently.

You can get your heating system ready for the cold by doing the following:

1. Have a heating inspect and clean your furnace

The first step that should be completed is to make sure your furnace is in good working condition. You should hire a good heating technician to inspect and clean the furnace. This is an inexpensive procedure and is well worth the expense. Keep in mind, a furnace that is not working efficiently is going to cost you money in the long run.

Change or upgrade the furnace filter

If you can, replace the standard filter with a reusable filter. A reusable filter can be cleaned and then used again. A disposable filter has to be tossed out when it is used up. A reusable filter will aid in boosting furnace efficiency, which will cut your heating cost.

The other advantage is that you won’t have to purchase new repeatedly. Make sure you change or clean your furnace filter on a monthly schedule so your furnace can run at peak efficiency and circulate clean, healthy air.

Have the heating ducts cleaned out

Mold and will build up in the furnace ducts over a period of time. Have a reputable contractor clean your ducts. This is another good way to boost furnace efficiency and guarantee your furnace is circulating clean, breathable air for you and your family.

Check your chimney and clean it if necessary

Having your chimney cleaned will boost furnace efficiency by allowing it to draft properly. A clean chimney will also allow deadly carbon monoxide fumes to vent safely out of your home.

These are a few of the simple steps you can follow to get your furnace ready for the cold, winter months. Many homeowners don’t realize it but the best time to have your furnace serviced is in the spring or summer, well before you need to use it.

Many furnace contractors will give you a hefty discount for having service performed before they get busy. This simple technique could save you even more of your hard earned money. By properly preparing your furnace for winter, you can be sure you are getting top-notch furnace efficiency and saving money on your heating bills too.

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