What you can put in a skip

What you can put in a skip
by Skipale Fishern

skip hire is just hiring a skip right? You contact a skip hire company, place your rubbish in the skip, and they take it away. Sounds simple.

For example, some people think that any old waste and materials can be placed in a skip, wrong!

In fact there is a list of items that can’t be taken away for recycling. These items include fridge/freezers, tyres, electric goods, asbestos and strip lighting. If the person still goes ahead and places such items into a skip, they could face heavy fines for doing so.

the reason for this is due to some of the items proving to be a danger to others around them. Take asbestos for example. Asbestos fibres are a major health risk to people who come into naked contact with them. There are special people out there that wil deal with this. it should never be placed in a skip hire.

skip hire companies have a duty to inform their client about the do’s and don’ts of skip hire. A person who has never hired a skip before isnt expected to know everything about skip hire now are they!

A special skip complete with a lid and other safety precautions are available for this very job.. Of course, your average Joe wouldn’t have a clue about this until they actually began their skip hire experience.

To guarantee a hassle free skip hire experience, make sure you know exactly what is going into your skip before it is taken away. This way will make sure you can continue the work on that conservatory, that garden, that kitchen, looking forward to the next time you need the services of a skip hire company.

The guidelines are in place to help the planet as well helping yourself to do your bit for the environment. Who would have thought that skip hire can actually be so much fun?!

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