Texas Family Vacation on Route 66

by Penelope SanMateo

Are you a member of the Silent Generation or the Baby Boom generation? If you are you may remember the Route 66 took you on a trip through the panhandle of Texas the other states from Illinois to California. Now you can relive those days on a historic trip on the old Route 66.

The Silent Generation members were born between 1927 1945 and many were shaped in their thoughts and actions by the Great Depression, WWII, and the Cold War. They have worked hard all their lives to be able to live the good life and the trip along old Route 66 may be one they just shouldn’t miss.

The Baby Boom generation was more mobile, born between 1946 1964 they were impacted by the Viet Nam War, the civil rights movement and the assassinations fo the 60’s such as Dr. King and President Kennedy. These times began a mobile society with people going from their home areas to other portions of the country, whether due to being stationed someplace new following the war or just wanting to see what makes this nation great.

Leave Illinois on your family vacation take route 66 to Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and then California. This trip of the heartland will give you a fabulous view of the people and cultures make this country so great.

After spending a little time in the beautiful city of Chicago you will head out on route 66 to St. Louis the trip to the top of the Arch. Then visit Springfield and see this very pretty littler city with their unique museums and great people. Kansas route 66 takes you through Galena, Riverton and Baxter Springs. Now you are entering Oklahoma and visiting the friendly city of Tulsa. Here the traffic actually comes to a stop to let another car enter the stream of cars, where else will you encounter this type of courtesy?

When you leave Oklahoma enter Texas you will get into Amarillo. Here you have the opportunity to visit a wide range of western based museums and learn about the settlement of this region of the state. Route 66 in New Mexico takes you across the entire state beginning in Tucumcari and ending in Gallup. This of the state offers you an opportunity to see the beautiful city of Albuquerque. Take the time to visit some of the museums in the city, learn about the Native American culture in this area of the state and see their beautiful artwork. Then you are entering the state of Arizona and on to California with all it has to offer. What a fabulous family vacation.

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