Broadband Phone

by Dane Masters

You’ve probably heard of broadband phone services on television. It is advertised all the time as a superior phone plan. What is a broadband phone though? Do you really understand what it is and how it is used? If not, then this overview will give you a good idea and you can decide if having a broadband phone line is right for you.

A broadband phone allows you to make your telephone calls over a broadband Internet connection by using Voice over Internet Protocol. Some of the broadband providers will only allow you to call other people use the same broadband services, but if you look hard enough, there are service providers that will allow you to call anyone you want. You may even be able to make cheaper long-distance and international calls.

Broadband phones work using your computer through a typical VoIP protocol. There are also some which can be used with regular phone models through a connected adapter. Having an adapter lets you operate the phone even when the computer is turned off.

Why use a broadband phone? You have many good reasons to do this. Foremost, you are offered significantly low priced call plans. This can save a substantial amount of money in the long-term and as much as USD 50 per month in comparison to your regular phone bill.

An attractive and compelling reason is you can make very cheap long distance and international calls as well. Many VoIP phone companies let you call limitlessly on local and long-distance phones within the US and Canada and you are charged a fixed price of USD 15 to USD 30 instead, which is quite less compared to other telecom services. Imagine, you have to pay no more than a few pennies to talk leisurely during long distance and international calls. The effective cost can come down to as low as three cents for minute.

The money you’ll be saving on your phone bills alone is enough to entice you into getting your own broadband phone service. You’ll benefit a lot the VoIP service if you have friends and family living abroad or several states away. There’s nothing to stop you from getting a broadband phone service. So, look around and find a plan that’s suitable for your calling needs, with any of the several broadband service widely available.

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