Polycarbonate Greenhouses – The Benefits

by Spencer Wilkins

For a long time now, most people who have owned are ones, which have been made using aluminium and glass. However, today more and more greenhouses are having the glass replaced and instead polycarbonate is being. There are a number of advantages to be gained from owning polycarbonate greenhouses over the more glass versions and below we take a look at what some of these are.

1. You will find that a polycarbonate is far better insulated and so the temperature levels are much easier to keep at a constant one at all times. This will then provide you as a grower a much better atmosphere in which the plants are able to grow and flourish.

2. Where with more that use glass and which can easily break those greenhouses using polycarbonate are very strong and the chances of the sheets breaking is minimal. The polycarbonate material is of such a strength that it can actually resist being damaged by either a branch falling on to it or a ball being thrown at it.

3. The sheets of polycarbonate that are used in greenhouses is also much lighter than glass and is far easier to cut to the size and shape that you want. So if you already have a and wish to replace the glass panels with polycarbonate ones this is a very simple job that you could do.

4. The sheets that are made from this material all have ribbed channels along them and this will further helps to diffuse and break up the suns rays as they try to enter the greenhouse. So the need for including additional shading in order to protect the plants inside is greatly reduced.

5. Along with the ribbed effect on each sheet they also have U-Channels and these will protect the sheets from insects and dirt also. Also these channels are essential as they help to remove the build up of condensation within side the quickly and make sure that it drains away properly.

6. As previously mentioned these types of greenhouses have an insulating effect in them, which actually means that if you want you can extend the growing season. Plus should you choose to heat your the winter months you will find that the loss of heat from your greenhouse is reduced as well.

As you can see from above there are many reasons why polycarbonate greenhouses are becoming increasingly popular over those that are made using glass. Certainly if you live in a place where the climate is cool then having a well-insulated is important if you want to grow the best plants possible.

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