Used Workshop Equipment Represents a Great Value

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But moving it to your shop can kill a great deal.

A used piece of equipment can be a great value. The price is often very reasonable and the machine will come with many accessories that you must à la carte with a new machine. Sometimes heirs want the machine out of the basement so that they can close a chapter on a loved one. The deal breaker for most people in buying used machinery is moving it.

A couple of weeks ago I got a call a long time friend and colleague. His shop “had to go” because he was moving into a retirement home. “Was I, or did I know someone, who might be interested in his Oneway 36 Lathe?” Having always wanted what I refer to as the Marcedes-Benz of lathes I said, “look no further.” We agreed on an extremely fair price based on two additional codicils: That I would remove the Oneway from his basement expeditiously and that he could visit his lathe whenever able. We shook hands on the bargain.


I have moved a lot of heavy stuff in my day. For really big machines you call a rigger, the term for machinery movers. At one of my early jobs I watched riggers move a forty-five press brake. When our family was manufacturing lathes I did ten or more trade shows a year. I got so sick of moving seventy-five pound lathe legs that I had three sets cast from aluminum, which reduced the weight to twenty-five pounds.

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Bowl Turning, Fine Woodworking DVD

Del Stubbs shows you in step-by-step close action how to turn beautiful bowls and plates from dry or green lumber you cut yourself. You’ll see firsthand how to do the work, the tools, the techniques, and the subtle rhythm of each process. 120 minutes. Now re-issued in DVD format, this classic Woodworking video workshop takes you right into an expert woodworker’s shop. Learn how to choose and hold tools, grind and modify chisels and gouges, mount bowl blanks on the lathe, rough out the bowl shape, work end grain, control warp in thin-walled bowls, and design bowl forms. Del Stubbs has been a turner and teacher for more than 30 years. He turns everything from architectural spindles and classic vases to miniatures and translucently thin bowls.

Price: $
Sold by Rockler

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