Burial Urns for Veterans

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May 9th, 2015 in blogs

Recently I did a volunteer job for a group of woodworkers in North Carolina. They are building simple for using their donated time and materials. These are getting distributed to the state’s veterans cemeteries and their first run of 50 was claimed almost immediately. They have requests for quite a few more. They asked if I would make a plan file they could share and once I had the dimensions, it was pretty quick work in SketchUp and LayOut. My understanding is that they hope to use the plan to encourage others to donate materials because they have requests for a many more than they have materials for.

The box is a simple affair and not what most would call fine woodworking but it. The corners are mitered. Most of the group are doing lock miters because they are easy to assemble once the joints are properly cut. The top of the box is attached from the inside with pocket screws, while the bottom of the box is added last and is secured with flat head screws. One of the members of the group is making wooden medallions for these boxes and printing them with his laser. The medallion on the front is the seal for the vet’s branch of the armed services and the one on the bottom shows that the urn was donated by the group. Since these urns are being buried, they are

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