Adding Dual Dimensions to Your Drawings

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May 25th, 2015 in blogs

If you are using SketchUp to make dimensioned drawings and have a need to show two different dimension units, a new plugin called Dual Dims created by the plugin guru known as TIG will be a great addition to your set of tools. This plugin is so easy to use, you might decide to apply dual dimensions to all your drawings.

After you’ve placed the dimensions on your model, start the plugin from the Plugin or Extension menu.

If you haven’ already selected dimensions for “dualizing”, you’ll be asked if you want to modify all dimensions including those that might be nested inside components or groups. After clicking Yes to those questions, you’ll see a dialog box as above.

The dialog box gives you the options choose which dimension shows on top. In this example I’m leaving my imperial units on top.

The setting for ‘Upper d.p. (decimal point) is ignored if ‘Current Units’ is selected but if you choose a decimal dimension for this upper units, you can limit the precision as needed by setting this value.

The rest of the settings relate to how the lower units will be displayed.


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