Using Follow Me–Some Setup Considerations

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July 12th, 2015 in blogs

Me is one of the most useful native tools in Sketchup for creating complex shapes. If the tools in SketchUp have analogues in the shop, Me can be thought of as a router or shaper as well as a lathe. It can be used to add material” or subtract it depending upon how you set it up. There are some you need to keep in mind when it.

For example, the profile needs to be to be perpendicular to the first segemnt in the path. If it isn’t Follow Me will create a projection of the profile that is perpendicular and the extrsion will end with a face that is perpendicular as well. You can see the results of that in the following images.

Here the profile is setup on the green axis and I used an arc drawn with the Arc tool to create the path. If you look closely, you can see that the first and last segments in the arc are not parallel with the guidelines which were set out from the axes.

After running Follow Me you can see that the extrusion isn’t quite right. And since the profile is projected to perpendicular, it’s shape isn’t exactly the same as the original.

The easy solution in this case would be to start

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