Drawing Roundovers on Intersecting Parts

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July 26th, 2015 in blogs

This is a model based on a stool designed by Pierre Jeanneret and manufactured in the 1950’ in both France and India. I came across a couple of photos of an original and decided to use it for my morning SketchUp practice. As I was working my way through drawing the parts, I found an interesting challenge in rounding over the lower cross pieces. They are joined with a half lap joint and it’s clear from the phtos that the edges were radiused after assembly. The round overs don’t extend all the way into the corners where the two parts meet.

That’s more evident in this close up view. A router bit wouldn’t be able to reach all the way into the corner. Now, if you were making a one off piece with this sort of arrangement, it wouldn’t be a big deal to finish the corners with a file and sand paper. But for something that is mass produced, theese corners probably wouldn’t get that much attention.

With one piece out of the way, you can see how the radius turns the corner.

I started thinking about an efficient way to draw these radii and also the notch. My first thought was more of a brute

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