What is Land Clearance and Why Would You Need It?

Land clearance is quite simply what it says on the tin, but there are lots of different types of it. It isn't as simple as knocking down a building and moving on. There are so many government regulations around the UK which are designed to limit any damage to the environment and the habitat of local wildlife.

Land Clearing

Do you know these regulations? Land clearance professionals will know these regulations and be in a position to perform any clearance not only safely but legally, conforming to government guidelines. If you choose to do it yourself and break the rules then you could be in a lot of trouble and face hefty fines.

Any form of waste including general rubbish, organic and hazardous items can be removed and disposed of by a professional firm. If you have hazardous, electrical or other types of non-standard waste then it is best to hire a professional who is trained in dealing with that kind of material as hazardous material is exactly that. Some land clearance companies can even recycle material for you so that what you are throwing away doesn't damage the environment further.

This type of land clearance can extend to larger items such as unwanted furniture, electrical goods and other items which can be unsightly and large, taking up a lot of room. Most of us don't have the vehicles to move large items- even if it is just to the dump- but an expert will have no problem. This type of waste can even devalue a property so if you are looking to sell or let your property it's worth getting it cleared up first, you could make yourself thousands in extra cash.

Land clearance doesn't just extend to rubbish, a common task for these experts include removing excessive foliage and vegetation. Simply cutting the bushes might be a simple task you can complete yourself but excessively overgrown vegetation and well-rooted tree stumps might not be quite as easy. A certified company can not only get rid of it but remove and dispose of the remains, recycling what they can.

Land clearance can also include unwanted structures that you may need removing. This can range from a wooden shed which has seen better days or a concrete outhouse which really needs rebuilding, to destroying the previous structure right through to clearing and removing any debris.

Many people who need land clearing try to cut costs by doing it themselves but this can prove the wrong idea. Not only are there legal government stipulations about what you can and can't do it can also be difficult.

Land Clearing

If you need site clearance services then chances are you have a sizeable chunk of land with various different problems surrounding them. One area might include electrical goods which you aren't sure about recycling and one area might include a large tree root which you aren't sure how to remove.

By hiring a land clearance team you are getting the expertise to know what to do in all circumstances but also the equipment needed to accompany all tasks. Land clearance companies will employ the use of huge machines which are capable of moving, cutting, uprooting and chopping trees amongst other things.

Whatever your land clearance needs are it's always best to employ a professional.

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