New Technology to Better Protect our Homes

2GIG glass break detectorFrom time to time there comes a new technological discovery that truly amazes us. And the field of home security and home automation has been in the center stage for many cool devices that not only make a less expense, but also give us better and simpler protection. Long gone are the days of wired sensors and large control boxes. Now we live in the wireless smart home .

One of these new devices that came out not long ago is the Glass Breaking Sensor. It is a sensor that will detect the sound frequency of breaking glass. 2GIG, the leader in wireless home security, just came out with their wireless Z-Wave glass breaking detector that features a battery life of 5 years and connects to a control and monitoring systems.

What is the advantage of having a glass-breaking sensor? It will save you money when putting together your home security system. It doesn’t sound like much, but with wireless window sensors going for $30 to $40 dollars apiece, and if you live in a home with lots of windows, the price of your basic security system can grow exponentially.

If you have a room with several windows, and these windows are the type that cannot be opened from the outside, meaning that an intruder would have to break the glass in order to gain access to you home, you no longer need to install one sensor per window. You can now install only one glass-breaking sensor in the middle of the room, and the sensor will alert the control panel if any glass has been broken in its range.

As long as you have a compatible wireless home security and automation system, you can install glass-breaking detectors. Not only your system siren will go off, but you will be notified via e-mail and SMS text messages if a window has been broken in your home, office, or even in a vacation home.


These detectors will join other cool wireless detection devices that you can also add to your system, like for example: smoke and fire detectors that also send distress signals to your smart phone, as well as flood detection and carbon monoxide detectors.

What is cool about these new technologies is the fact that they are less expensive than one would assume, meaning that you can build a DIY, professional grade security system and spend only a fraction of what old security systems would cost in the past.

If the system you are planning is Z-Wave open source, these savings can leave an extra budget so that you can upgrade your system and turn it into a complete home automation system (yes, modern Z-Wave security systems are smart home ready. You just add the devices you want and they start working automatically).

You can spend less and get better products and services thanks to the advances of technology. So, there is no reason not to have your home protected against intruders and emergencies that could happen in your house.

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