Modeling to Install a Box Lock

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 September 13th, 2015 in blogs

I find installations of key or box locks to be significant challenges. Locks seem to require a degree of accuracy of installation beyond normal work in the shop. Multiple recesses and holes are required in the back face of the cabinet or chest front, and they need to be perfect in position, size, and depth. Also, the entry opening in the front for the Key must again be carefully cut.

To help achieve a successful key lock installation, my strategy is to have on hand the actual key lock, model it in SketchUp, then use that model to create the holes, and recesses in the design model. This is accomplished before any shop work on the actual lumber.

;ll show a little bit of this process in the following pictures and video. I’m using this Small Six Board Chest as the example.


Upon receipt of the actual hardware, I typically make a photo and import to SketchUp. I make the photo full size and trace over the shapes, while taking actual measurements of the hardware. I turn those shapes into the 3D model (shown below to the right of the photo) that can be placed into position on the Chest.


I the lock into exact position in the center of the

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