Discounted: Bostik Woodworking Shop Kit

Bostik Woodworking Shop Kit

Kit includes: #124625 Bostik Bearing Lube: Bostik's Bearing Lubricant protects against welding and seizing like no petroleum-based lubricant can-even under heavy loads, extended use and high operating temperatures up to 550? F. It's so effective that regular use can extend bearing life up to three times that of bearings lubricated with oil or other treatments. This is an ideal treatment for router bit bearings, race bearing, and it also excels at a general shop lubricant. Contains no petroleum oil or silicone and will not stain wood or interfere with finishes and glues. AND: #124626 Bostik DriCote: Working smarter is what Bostik is all about, and nothing is smarter than DriCote. DriCote bonds to the microstructure of metal saw blades, drills and router bits to create a clear, tough, ultrathin coating that reduces friction and heat, prolonging edge life up to 300%! That's right-every tool you use to cut and shape wood will require less effort, work better and stay sharper up to thre
  • Kit contains Bostik Bearing Lube, DriCote, and TopCote
  • Great kit for woodworkers
  • Won't stain wood or interfere with finishes

List Price: $ 44.99 Price: $ 44.99

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