A Mortise & Tenon Exercise

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September 29th, 2015 in blogs

The joint is probably used more than any other in , and there are a great number of varieties. Perhaps the most commonest application of the joint is in making door and other frames. But there other applications involving Wedged Through-Tenon, Fox Wedging, Drawer Tenons, Bare-faced Tenons, Corner Leg and Rail Joints, Molding Bars, Drawer Rail, Pinned Mortise & Tenon, etc. So it is likely that if you are a woodworker you are encountering one type or another of these joints on a regular basis.

Then it follows – if you are a beginner in SketchUp, you’ll quickly be faced with “making” a mortise & tenon joint. In the following video, I provide a beginning exercise in making this joint, and it ends with preparing the dimensioned drawing that would be used in the shop.

Here is the final dimensioned drawing, that can be used as you develop the model in SketchUp.


Start the modeling by making the Post that is 6 1/2-in. long, 2 5/8-in. wide and 1 1/4-in. thick.


Now create the Rail… 9 1/4-in. long, 2 1/8-in. wide, and 3/4-in. thick. It is that you make the rail in its actual position on the Post. Obviously, it can be created separated from the Post, but you should get in the habit

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