7 Interesting Facts about Limestone Tiles

Not only are limestone tiles aesthetically beautiful and great for modernising or sparking up your kitchen, bathroom, hall or living room, it also has a very interesting history. We have compiled some interesting facts containing all you need to know about limestone

  1. Limestone is a sedimentary stone.It is commonly used in the UK as a building material. When limestone is made into tiles, it is imported worldwide such as Turkey, Israel and India.
  2. Limestone tiles come in many different colours and designs.It comes in so many different colours because it is a naturally forming stone and imperfections (which makes them so beautiful) are caused by iron oxide, clay, and sand. These colours include: greens, blues, creams, beiges and browns.
  3. Limestone is soft but durable.Limestone is durable and has oil resistant properties. This makes it a fantastic choice for kitchen and bathroom flooring.

  4. Its history is in architecture.There are some significant landmarks across the globe which are made up of limestone tiles, demonstrating its durability – these have been around from as early as the great pyramids in Egypt. In the 19th and 20th centuries, several public buildings were made from limestone that are still standing today.
  5. Limestone tiles can come in any size and shape that you want.You can buy limestone in anything you want. It comes in a large variety of shapes and sizes, veneer, pavers, slabs and edging. Irregular flagstone and dimensioned stone are also available along with different finishes to make your tiles unique and tailored to how you want them.
  6. Care and maintenance.Limestone is a natural stone that is sensitive to acidity. It is recommended to not have it near fruit trees as the fruits will drop and it will stain the porous rock. In order to prevent staining and discolouring, it’s important to keep your limestone tiles sealed. Also make sure to wipe the tiles regularly and clean up spillages immediately.

  7. Limestone makes for a great walking surface.Limestone has a high Solar Reflective Index (SRI) which means that it reflects the sun and stays cool which makes for comfortable barefoot warming. This also means that they release thermal radiation.

Limestone tiles make for great flooring for a variety of different rooms. Their durability, stunning appearance, easy maintenance and thermo-regulating nature is what makes them such a popular choice for home owners and renovators.

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