DIY Lock Changing Options for Home and Businesses

You may thing that completely changing the locks in your home or business will usually require professional help and, of course, money. A professional locksmith does have all the tools needed no matter what sort of frame or door you are dealing with, as well as the years of training and expertise to ensure the job is done well, however it is possible to do it yourself.

If you think you need to change locks because you are locked out of your house or don’t have enough keys to go around, you do not need to take such a drastic measure. As most people know, today you can easily get key replacements and extra keys without having to completely change your locking mechanism. You simply need to take your existing keys down to the local hardware or locksmith to have new keys cut. If you don’t have the original keys there are many mobile locksmith services today that will come to you and make replacement keys.

Having new keys made instead of replacing a lock will save you money. If, however, you have the misfortune of having a completely broken lock, you have a couple options available to you, depending on your situation. If your locks are in good shape aesthetically, you can re-key your locks, and this is relatively simple to do yourself. Rekeying a lock is generally less expensive than completely replacing it, but still gives you new and different keys. Rekeying is simply making the locking mechanism fit a different key pattern. You need to purchase a re-keying kit, do a search on YouTube and you will find plenty of instructional videos to help you through the process. Re-keying is also handy if you move into a new house and are unsure as to how many keys are out there, but don’t want or need new locks. Also, if the locks in your house all use different keys and you prefer 1 main house key, you can re-key the locks so they all use the same key.

If your lock is old and worn, maybe it’s time for a nice new lock. The level of difficulty will depend on the lock you choose. If you find a lock that matches the holes that are already drilled into your door, then the process is pretty simple. All you need to do is remove the old lock, and replace it with a new one. If, however, you don’t have pre-drilled holes that match, it will take more time and care to install the new lock. Naturally locks have evolved over the years so a security standpoint you may not have a choice but to purchase a lock that does not match the holes from the old one. Whatever the reason, take time to research the process, make sure you have the proper tools, and put aside a couple of hours to get the job done. Trying to rush through or take short cuts with improper tools will only cause aggravation and likely damage to either the door of the new lock. Don’t forget to take into account the material that the door and the door frame are made of, as this will impact what sort of tools you will need, and how much time it will take to drill any new holes.

Of course if your home or business has been broken into you may want to call a locksmith anyway, simply to ensure you have not only new locks, but more secure locks installed.

Whatever the reason is that you are considering a DIY lock change or re-key, there is plenty of information out there if you have the patience and time to do it yourself.

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