Are There Pests Causing Damage In Your Loft?

Pests are always looking for a safe place to hide from predators, breed, and store food. Your loft is the perfect place for these critters to take up residence, and they will use vents and other small openings to gain entry.

Lots of different pests will live in your loft. These include assorted insects, birds, rodents, and bats. They will all love the shelter a loft will provide them, and most will transport lowly parasites, like fleas and ticks, in with them.

Pests will damage the loft and eventually will move into your home and damage that too. Rodents like squirrels can chew through telephone and electrical wires, causing significant problems. Some pests can even tear holes in your roof, which can lead to major water leaks or even fires.

Pests all need to go to the loo too, and if they do this enough in your loft it will create a really strong odour, and cause stains on your ceilings. Your personal belongings stored in the loft are in serious jeopardy, as they will be destroyed and used to make nests.

You may notice that there are pests in your loft when you start to hear noises overhead. You may also notice shredded insulation on the floor, and droppings around the loft door.

When treating the pests in your loft, there are some methods to avoid. Do not use poison, because pests may have made a home in your wall cavities, and will crawl in there to die. Never allow pets and children near the loft until you’ve dealt with the infestation.

Prevention is always the best method of pest control, so cover all entry vents and patch up any holes around your loft. Try not to store materials in the loft that pests could use to build a nest. Eliminating food sources near your home, like rubbish and pet food, is also a good way to keep the pests out.

If you’ve discovered pests in the loft, it’s important to take action immediately before they start to reproduce. A pest control specialist has extensive knowledge and experience to treat all manner of pests, and will prevent pest problems happening in the future. It’s definitely worth calling pest professionals in.

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