Keeping Pests off Your Patio

We all love to spend time on our outdoor patios in the warmer months. However, nothing can ruin outdoor fun as quickly as the appearance of creepy crawlies. Sometimes these pests are a nuisance because they’re unsettling and gross. Other times, they’re a problem to you and your guests because they can bite you.

By using some of these methods, you can keep the bugs away from your patio.

  • Plant Repellent Flowers
    – Flower’s such as Marigolds or Calendulas aren’t just fragrant and add colour to your garden. They will also keep biting insects and mosquitoes away.
  • Burn Citrus or Citronella – Burning citrus candles works great alone, but using them with citronella torches is even better. To keep the flying bugs away, put your torches around your patio, then put the citrus candles on safe surfaces. This will prevent flies and other pests from making a home on your patio.
  • Spray Hydrogen Peroxide – Mixing hydrogen peroxide with water in a spray bottle and spraying your patio is a great insect repellent. Spray the surface of your patio, plus it’s perimeter. Pay special attention to the tables where food and drinks will be set.
  • Use Anise Oil – Anise is a herb that is incredible at repelling bugs. Popping a couple drops of anise oil in a spraying bottle with water is an all-natural bug repellent. Spray and tables and other patios surfaces with the oil mixture.
  • Use Dryer Sheets – Rubbing dryer sheets on tables and has been to known to help keep midges away. You can also rub it on your skin to keep pests from biting you.
  • Spray Mouthwash – Fill a spray bottle with an alcohol-based mouthwash, and spray it around your patio. It’s a great way to keep mosquitoes away from your garden. And the air will smell minty fresh too!
  • Plant Some Herbs – Mint, garlic, rosemary, lemongrass and chives are the most effective at warding off insect. Planting your own personal herb garden near your patio will repel certain pests. Plus you’ll always have fresh herbs on hand.
  • Change the Lighting – Bright lighting, especially white bulbs, will attract hordes of bugs during the night. Replace your outdoor lights with yellow bulbs, as they’re less likely to attract bugs.
  • Keep Your Patio Clean – Hose off any spilled drinks immediately, and pick up all dropped food before pests have a chance to find it.

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