How to Stop Mice from Nesting in Your BBQ

Rodents hate the cold weather. And when it comes to winter, they will do anything to avoid the frost. To conquer the cold, mice have developed unique skills to cope with environmental changes and difficulties.

Mice Nest Anywhere

Once the temperature starts to drop, rodents will look for a safe and warm place to hide for the winter, and so will need rat and mouse prevention solutions. Points of entry around your home it super easy for rodents to nest in your property. Mice are especially attracted to places around your home that are hidden, such as wall cavities and the loft. You’ll be able to hear mice around the house scratching and scurrying, particularly at night. To stop mice entering your home, maintain your outer walls and seal off all holes and cracks. Rodents will have to find somewhere else to hide!

Your BBQ is the Perfect Winter Hideout

The smell of old food will attract rodents. BBQ’s are full of small holes and cracks that is the perfect entryway for mice. Mice will build their nests under the grill, constructing a nice warm home for the winter. During the time of their stay, they will leave urine and faeces where you cook food. Gross! So this is why it’s important to stop rodents before they can even enter your BBQ.

  • Clean the BBQ thoroughly after each time you use it.
  • Burn off the remaining food or residue.
  • Cover the BBQ with a zipped cover during the winter, or store it in a shed.
  • Get rid of any materials outside that a mouse could nest with.
  • Close off all the vents and block the holes for winter.

You Might Still See Mice Living in your BBQ

You can take every precaution necessary, but a mouse can find its way into the tiniest of areas. If you do find a nest in your BBQ, take extreme care. Droppings carry diseases and can be very poisonous to humans.

  • Wear gloves and a mask to the nest.
  • Clean the grill thoroughly with disinfectant.
  • a grill cover.
  • Regular use and cleaning can reduce the chances of mice.
  • Call a professional.

If you discover evidence of mice living in your BBQ, or your London home, be sure to contact Catch-It pest control. If you have mice living closely to your home, there’s a strong possibility they could enter your house too!

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