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A brief tour Amish off-grid, mostly air powered, woodworking shop. Amish for sale .

Click here for Woodworking Shop info.

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    • ri mar
    • April 1, 2017

    just goes to show hypocrisy at its best. if you are going to use electric tools, use them. not try to dance around with a limited amount and wasting time (and losses) with air conversions. all under the guise that the power grid is a "luxury", guess what so are cordless drills and miter saws, these would classify as worldly luxuries. neat ideas but all a desperate attempt to lie to themselves.

    • yggdrasil fuckbabylonsystem132
    • April 1, 2017

    3:59 😀

    • BonyFace
    • April 1, 2017

    Electric power converting to pneumatic is very inefficient, it is used in spaces where explosive atmosphere can occur. Also pneumatic tools turbines should be regularly lubricated. But that train at the end is EPIC! 🙂

    • Michael Brasher
    • April 1, 2017

    Guys, the best woodworking blueprints that I have ever used is here No doubt the most incredible woodworking plans ever.

    • gidget3411
    • April 1, 2017

    we learn a lot from those who came before us-what a great resource! thanks for the tour

    • Kevin Russom
    • April 1, 2017

    the saddest thing about this is how they found a way around not being hooked to the grid
    and they found a way around having cars. but when it comes to the way they treat gay Amish kids they are pure evil.

    • icawn
    • April 1, 2017

    as long as the children can still appreciate hard work and build character with those luxuries.

    • Dottie Kinnear
    • April 1, 2017

    The guy came up with an awesome system!:))

    • TinyWorkshop Design
    • April 1, 2017

    because electricity is the devil!…………

    • Hal Kester
    • April 1, 2017

    Thank you for showing the Truth.. This is a BUSINESS workshop not a hobby. I could list more. but if want to sell against him or think he had low cost products you are out in the sun too long.! If you want shop ideas look for them, but you cannot run your business like his…. or maybe you can. Hals Wood Shop

    • Mirock's Woodshop
    • April 1, 2017

    Strange but interesting workshop)

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