Enjoy the Benefits of Solar Panels

by Mark Smith

Are you searching for an economical to energize your home or business with power? You can enjoy using having the when you need it, even if the traditional means of power goes off. You can even help create a better world by using solar panels as they are very economically and environmentally user friendly. Using solar panels will also reduce the amount due on your monthly power bill and they make great backup sources when you need them, whether or not the line is working. Solar panels are fairly easy to install and can be used in conjunction with other economic energy solutions such as wind or water power as they do compliment each other very well. However, there are a few things you should know about solar panels before you begin.

You might like trying your hand at making your own solar panel, which can make a really interesting home or school science projects when you make these with your children. You can make just one solar panel to see how they work or you may want to make a lot more and install them on your roof or on poles to create the you require. On the other hand, you can always purchase solar power kits now; there are various types from which to choose. These various kits will include all you need for solar panels such as wires, mounts, inverters and either photovoltaic or thin film panels. You might like to install them yourself and save money or you might want to hire a professional contractor to install them for you. Having a professional install them for you offers the advantage of other benefits such as solar power user incentives and an assortment of rebates.

Your solar panel incorporates the use of Photovoltaic cells. These cells will generate the power by transforming natural sunlight into which is then stored. You can use this energy later when you need it. When you make your own solar panels, you will also have to have an inverter when making residential treatment, especially made for the DC energy current that solar panels generate into, 110 AC energy for your normal everyday use.

There are also thin film solar panels which are much more lightweight than regular solar panels. Using this type of solar panel eliminates the need for rack mounting. They are generally quick and easy to install as they are applied to the roof panel. It normally takes about ten minutes to install your thin film solar panels.

Basic Supplies for making your own solar panels include:

– 1 Sheet Copper Flashing – A pair of Shears to cut your Copper Flashing – 1 Wide Mouth Jar or 1 Clear Plastic Bottle – An Electric Drill with a Brush or Sandpaper Attachment – A 110 AC power Inverter – 1 Micro-ammeter – Some Tap Water – Some Table Salt – 2 Alligator Clips

Having solar panels installed on the roof of you home or business are worthwhile additions to your structure, whether you choose to make them yourself or buy one of the various kits. You really should consider using solar panels to help you bill, whether you choose to use a photovoltaic or thin film solar panel.

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