Things You Should Know Before You Add Central Air

Things You Should Know Before You Add Central Air

Traditional central air-conditioning have created a certain stigma around the name. They were incompetent in their operations, noisy, bulky and it was very costly to procure installation and maintenance. The exponential growth in technology of the past years has had us witness a remarkable improvement in this design. Modern central air systems are just that – an improvement – and in every aspect of the design. These modern air systems are designed just like refrigerators, with their refrigeration cycles. They employ a lot of complex innovations – high speed ductwork and minimized per multiple conformations – to create a near-silent atmosphere controlling magical box.

The reasons for the use of these air conditioners could range from a way to cope with changing weathers (especially the peak of summers) to a desire to revamp the heating and cooling set-up of a property. This should not be done without understanding the following:

Energy efficiency has minimized costs: major difference between the traditional and the modern air systems is in their running costs. The changes made to improve the efficiency of air systems has caused an upturn in energy savings. The materials used and the size needed are now different and smaller with more impact felt in their results.

Sizing it right: This point should rightly be the first to know. An air conditioner is evaluated by the tonnage supplied. This tonnage is the amount of cooling energy put out by a block of ice melting over the period of one day. The tonnage to be should be exactly what is needed. A larger size than needed will easily cool the space but will find it hard to properly dehumidify the said space. On the other hand, using an under- system will keep trying to meet up with the control specifications. This will continue causing a surge in your energy bills until the machine fails.

So, before you start on your heating and air conditioning installation system, take time out to check if your heat load calculations match the air conditioning capacity.

New ducts? no need: Ductwork arrangements are not necessary, except you feel the need for one. You can simply link up the newly purchased system with the already existing duct system. This does not mean that they should just be connected as soon as possible. Leaks could however reduce the efficiency of even the newly installed system. Therefore, contact a professional to examine the state of your current ductwork – check for the physical integrity of the duct – and seal any observed.

The right time to buy: Buy in the winter. Simple and precise. As urgent as you think you need the central air unit set-up, consider that open secret. With the producers trying to engage their workers, they reduce the price of the machine. Seize on that opportunity.

The filter: In a lot of ways, the modern air systems are more efficient and provide better quality air. It is best to ensure that the filter is checked for its viability and replaced if not up to standard. The filters ensure that the internal components of the system are clean and smooth.

Summarily, it is possible to retain the parts of the survey if they are intact. However, knowing about the air-conditioner will truly prove more valuable when using the air conditioner more efficiently and arranging the maintenance processes.

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