Decorating Your Rent House

Decorating Your Rent House
by Alex Paterson

Not all landlords will allow you to paint the walls, and add or remove fixtures. This doesn’t mean that you cannot decorate your rent house so that it shows your style and feels like home. With a little creativity you will find that you don’t feel limited at all in how you decorate your rent house or flat.

The easiest way to bring your personal taste into a drab rent house is to choose furniture that reflects your personal taste. Bold or colourful furniture will help to brighten up a bland room and attract attention away from the features of the interior that you are contractually not able to change such as floors and wall colour. A sturdy piece of furniture is also a great investment. No matter how often you must change rent houses a good piece of furniture will bring familiarity and give the house an instant personal touch. It is important to choose your furniture based on the size of house you expect to be in. A small, low sofa will look out of place and lost in a large room while a big comfy couch will make a smaller room seem minute.

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If you cannot afford new furniture to brighten up your space there are many less expensive ways to make your rent house your own. A colourful tapestry will hide stark white walls and warm up any living space. You could hang paintings or framed pictures to achieve the same effect. If you want a more personal touch, paint your own wall hanging on a large piece of canvas.

Another way to add colour to a larger area of a boring rent house is to lay out a beautiful rug. A nice rug can often be very expensive but it is an investment that will pay off when you realize how warm your rent house will feel with colourful pattern at your feet. A rug can also serve the practical purpose of protecting the carpet of the rent house. A stained up carpet can be an expensive fix when it comes time to move.

Now that the walls and floors are taken care depending upon your need to tie everything together with classic window treatment. When renting a house adding window treatments will make the rooms feel finished and stylish. Window treatments are a good way to add colour and texture to the room not to mention save on energy costs. A heavy curtain can be closed to keep out the heat or cold and opened up in the spring and fall to allow fresh sunshine to help warm your home.

You can create a comfortable, stylish living area in your rent house no matter how strict your land lord can be. With a little creativity you can make the atmosphere of your rent house reflect you personality turning an empty rent house into a real home.

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