Recycled Turf For Unique Home Spaces

Recycled Turf For Unique Home Spaces

While reusing and reclaiming building materials has been in the home improvement world for quite some time, another aspect in the world of upcycling is used artificial turf. This isn’t the thin stuff found on rolls at Home Depot, this is professional-, lush, turf found in professional sports stadiums all over the United States. There are a few companies who specialize in recovering, storing, and then delivering this high-quality turf at highly reduced rates.

How Is Turf Recycled?

We talked to ReTurf, one of the nation’s largest used turf recovery specialists, about how the product is recovered and then reused. The process is quite complex and involves a lot of hands-on-deck, alongside heavy machinery. ReTurf is contracted by stadiums to remove turf that has been lightly used. Artificial sports turf has a usable life of 15-20 years. In the case of professional sports, rules require that this surface be replaced in a much shorter time-span. In this, the recovered turf is still in great shape with lots of life .

ReTurf recovers the turf in rolls and then stores it in various facilities around the United States. When the turf is recovered, so is the infill. Infill is the material used to help create realism in the both looks and feel of sports turf. This infill product is also recovered for re-use.

Because each situation is different, the turf is available in a few levels. Some are of higher quality manufacture than others, and some are used more than others – so the material is graded as “Basic” and “Premium”. And since this material is used in sports stadiums there are three levels of color options. This includes:

  • Game Marked (Includes marks such as yard lines or goal lines)
  • Logo (Includes sections of the infield logo)
  • All Green (As it suggests, all green – no game marks)

Used Turf For DIY Home Projects

Whether indoors or out, used sports turf has found its way into many unique applications. From play and pet area’s, to unique landscape, on rooftops, in batting cages, as a surface in gym area’s, and even as wall art. The sky is truly the limit with potential use. Creativity leads the way when it comes to utilizing a product like this.

For the DIY consumer, this is an easy to use and install product. It takes just basic tools and materials to bring your project to life. There are numerous online sources for the installation of this grade f turf in various applications.

When outdoors in a very wet area, the groundwork before the final turf top layer becomes very important. Namely, this requires highly efficient drainage. But from that stipulation, turf requires no upkeep and can handle the most active of applications.

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