Remodeling Your Bathroom

by Sarah Blance

You spend a lot of time in your bathroom and it’s important that you feel comfortable and happy with that space. Many homeowners visit their bathroom and dream about the changes, improvements and remodeling that can be done but are overwhelmed by the idea of spending too much time or energy. While some projects, such as ones that involve plumbing or electricity, may require the assistance of professionals, many do-it-yourself magazines ideas, and weekend projects that you can do alone and in a few short days to make your bathroom more enjoyable. Aside from the plain old addition of a new mirror, cabinets, fixtures or accessories, there are several unique things homeowners can do to redecorate their bathrooms. With a few exceptional remodeling ideas, you can turn your plain, basic, boring bathroom into the spa you’ve always dreamed about.

A heated floor is by far the most elegant and decadent bathroom remodeling idea and will comfort after taking a hot bath or shower and on cold winter evenings. Thanks to the technology of electric floor heating, freezing feet on cold tile is a thing of the past. Though you may think this sort of project would be expensive to maintain, a heated bathroom floor only costs pennies a day and it’s easy and convenient to install the next time you decide to retile your bathroom.

Another luxurious remodeling idea is the addition of a chromatherapy tub. Believed by holistic healers to have a strong, positive effect on the body and mind, these underwater colors are supposed to penetrate the skin cells and change a person’s physiology. Some venders have begun offering tubs that have LED light ports to make this experience more intense. It’s incredibly safe and you can brag about being the first person on your street to make use of such a new and exciting technology.

A more simple and common remodeling idea is the installation of a multiple water jet body spa that provides a shower massage or steam shower that one would only find in a spa or gym. Guaranteeing rest, relaxation and rejuvenation after a long day, a water jet body spa is a fairly inexpensive and worthy investment.

There are several more bathroom remodeling ideas that suit different people and different budgets but each creates a spa-like and relaxing environment and can eliminate your bathroom remodeling “what-if’s.

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