Recessed Kitchen Lighting

Long gone are the days when the single, dim, overhead kitchen light provided illumination to one of the busiest rooms in the house. The modern, multi-functional kitchen is larger than the kitchens of yesteryear. Various lighting options such as recessed kitchen lighting may be required to properly illuminate the many areas of the kitchen that are used.

Kitchens have been more than just kitchens for some time. They’re now used as a focal space where homework is done, visiting and entertaining friends is done, reading the paper is done, and where people spend time just relaxing. Kitchens therefore require a mixture of lighting motifs to the appropriate amount of illumination for different activities. Ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting all play an important role in providing a comfortable, inviting, livable space.

By utilizing these different lighting motifs, you can create a dramatic look in your kitchen that will combine indirect lighting with direct lighting. Recessed kitchen lighting is a superb way to create indirect lighting because recessed fixtures are hidden view. Recessed kitchen lighting fixtures can be installed underneath cabinets, above cabinets, as well as in the ceiling to an inviting atmosphere in the kitchen. Direct lighting can also be achieved with recessed kitchen lighting fixtures. Installed in the right areas, and using the correct light source, recessed kitchen lighting fixtures can provide wonderful spot illumination to areas where work needs to be done. This makes recessed kitchen lighting a great option for your kitchen because they provide both task lighting and accent lighting.

Everyone needs task lighting in the kitchen. For concentrated down lighting, recessed kitchen lighting fixtures are perfect for lighting a counter, stove, or sink because it concentrates light to specific areas making detailed tasks easier to perform. Appropriate task lighting should be free of distracting glares but also bright enough to prevent shadows and eyestrain.

Accent lighting is popular among homeowners these days. Recessed kitchen lighting is a great way to make those special items in your home, such as paintings, photographs, and architectural features, more visible without over-lighting the entire kitchen.

These recessed lighting fixtures can also be installed in china cabinets and display cases to illuminate those special collections you have. Even if you have a small kitchen, properly placed recessed lighting fixtures can make it appear larger by washing a wall with light. This will create a visual by adding contrasts and shadows to your kitchen, as well as any room in the house. If you get recessed lights that can be dimmed, you can enhance these dramatic effects.

When remodeling or building a kitchen, it’s important to create a lighting design that layers different light sources. Don’t be convinced that recessed kitchen lighting alone will be adequate. Layering the light in your kitchen will help reduce glare. Recessed lighting is a popular choice for overhead kitchen lighting however, if this is your sole choice, just that you’ll need adequate lighting so that you don’t create shadows. Keep in mind – you won’t be happy with your lighting design unless you have other light sources to fill in the gaps.

To learn more visit our recessed kitchen lighting section or more about recessed kitchen lighting.

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