How Will We Defend Ourselves if Obama Takes Away All Handguns?

by A.C. Christianson

Now that Obama has taken the Whitehouse, what becomes of the 2nd amendment of the constitution? How will we defend ourselves? Is the new president really going to limit or take away the right to carry or own handguns? Handgun sales have dramatically increased since Obama started leading in the presidential election polls a few months back.

Obama does claim that he is a supporter of the 2nd Amendment, the right to bear arms. However, his voting record indicates that he is completely against it. In 2003, Barack Obama voted for a senate bill to ban hundreds of sport rifles and shotguns used for hunting and sports. In 2004, Obama shocked many people after he voted to allow the prosecution of a person using a firearm for self defense in their own house. Those are just 2 examples, as I’m not writing just about our new President.

His long record of voting against gun owner’s rights, clearly suggests the possibility that we will eventually lose right to own handguns. Obama said when interviewed that he is looking for supreme court justices, that will interpret the constitution with a modern look on society. What will be our defense when someone breaks into our house and attacks our family? Will you be more of a target if the burglar knows you wont have a gun? Every new law created with good intentions in mind, comes with consequences and fallout.

A viable alternative may lie in a simple but sophisticated non-lethal self-defense weapon. Legal to carry in 45 states, the Taser, has the stopping power of a small caliber handgun, with the advantage of having total muscular control of the bad guy being Tasered. The effects are temporary, and generally regarded as safe for use by private citizens, and security professionals alike. Carried by law enforcement personnel over the world, the Taser has proven to be affordable, reliable, dependable, and highly effective.

Tasers don’t require a license to use or carry, however each person has to pass a felony background check is to activate them. Pre-registered anti-felon ID confetti tags are dispersed when the Taser is fired, helping police to quickly identify the owner. Also, every Taser has a lifetime replacement guarantee if it is lost while defending yourself. You can purchase several different models, ranging from about $250 to $1000.

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