Even Rock Stars Cover Their Piano

by Chuck R Stewart

A piano cover is a very important for any person that loves their piano. A piano is a very expensive investment. A lot of pianos are not protected from unnecessary damage. A non protected piano will not look as new as a piano that is properly protected by a piano cover. A piano cover will help protect the piano from unwanted damage. It will protect it from moisture, dust, and careless human contact. A piano cover will give you a return on investment. A piano cover will extend the life piano, giving a homeowner the extra insurance it needs.

Make sure you are protected. Even Hollywood stars that play the piano for a living should protect their investment. Piano covers do a fantastic job protecting the star’s piano as well as the average consumer. Think about it to yourself, what you would choose if you were a big musical star. Customize your own and see if you would have the same taste as these stars.

Billy Joel is all time favorite artist. He has had big hits for over three decades. He has been entertaining audiences for years. He is best known for his first hit Piano Man|His first successful hit was the song “Piano Man”. It has become known as his signature song. Billy Joel’s piano cover represents the characters from the song. I have been told that it was a gift from his former wife Christie. Around his name it has a lot of the characters from the song, John the bartender, the waitress that served him the drinks, and bar patrons Paul and Davy. Billy likes to show it off to his friends and invited guest.

Other rockers have visited him and have purchase piano covers to represent their talent. Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones has the tongue and lips design that was created by an artist that first appeared on their 1971 album, Sticky Fingers. It is one of the best rock logos that was ever created.

I was touched by former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney piano covers. Paul’s late first wife Linda McCartney had given his piano covers as a gift. She was an artist by trade and designed almost all of the piano covers. Most of them were taken from ideas from different places that they travel to when they were together. Paul loved his first wife and they would bring him a lot of joy as they reminded him of her.

Other stars have great designs too. Liberace had one of the most extravagant. He was known as a showman. His had a lot of sparkles and rhinestones that covered the entire grand piano. Elton John would write on his with a sharpie marker whenever he had a song idea. Some of his biggest hits were written on that first piano cover. The artist know as Pink had very recognizable cover. It was a very nice but basic design. A person could very easily guess the color. It was very pink!

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