Hints for Selling Your Property in Winter

by Patricia Guernsey

Most real estate experts agree that it’s best to sell your home during the warmer months of spring and summer. For one thing, home buyers children will often plan their house hunting / home buying process for the summer, when their children are out of school.

But what if you have no choice but to sell your home during the spring or summer? Perhaps you cannot afford the home, regardless of the season. Or maybe you have about to be transfered and that requires you to move during the winter months.

Whatever the reason, you need not despair. While there are certain challenges to selling a home during winter, they do not by any means make it impossible. On the contrary, if you follow the selling techniques and tips in this article (and the advice provided by your real estate agent), you should be able to sell your home in the winter nearly as easily as you would in the summer.

Contrast the Cold the Warmth

Emotions play a big role in the home buying process. Granted, the home buyers will be very concerned the size of the home, the number of rooms, and other tangible items. But the feel and first impressions will go a way as well. So even in the colder months, you can put this information into practice. In fact, you can even take advantage of the winter freeze!

The best way to do this is by showcasing the warmth and comfort of your home. By doing this, you will create a favorable impression that the buyers will take them as they view your cozy home. Let’s look at an example of this concept in action.

Imagine This Realistic Example

Local home purchasers Bill and Martha visit your home while home shopping. It’s cold outside, wind and rain on top of that, the kind of conditions which can make you want to hunker down someplace warm. Bill and Martha open the front door and enter the home. The house is well lit and exudes warmth. Candles burn on the mantle above the fireplace. A fire burns in the fireplace. The of cookies (recently baked on offered on a glass plate) fills the air.

Doesn’t that feel inviting? It will be the way for buyers. So just by highlighting the warmth of your home, you have increased the likelihood of selling it. You are creating a great first impression by welcoming the buyers in from the cold.

The first physical impression will be one of warmth and relaxation, just as soon as the buyers walk in. This will lead to a better impression, and the purchasers will carry this impression them through the rest of the home.

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