Minka Aire Cools With Class

by Steve Collins

There is something about a ceiling fan that stirs the imagination. For some people, they recall a simpler time, when life moved at a less crazy pace, often dictated by the of the day. For the romantically inclined, the sight of fans spinning lazily conjures up visions of inviting porches in hot climates or the fun of tiki bars in tropical paradises. Anyone can appreciate the cool breeze created by a ceiling fan as opposed to the frigid air blasted from an air conditioner.

For around one hundred fifty years, ceiling fans have been making life more enjoyable on scorching days. They were an answer to prayer to the American South, and by the 1920’s, every family wanted one. For the first time, Americans had an effective way to cool the places they inhabited, from modest homes to enormous factories, public buildings, and movie theatres. Today, fans enormously popular, despite the invention of central air. Ceiling fans are lovely to look at, and they are far more affordable to power than an and way less noisy.

Minka Aire fans offer striking designs from every era, including historically designed metal table fans that would have been at home on President Eisenhower’s desk in the 1950s. While there are many kinds of traditional models available, both with and without light fixtures, there are also ultra modern designs that can be either edgy or elegant. More romantic models feature wrought iron or large blades that remind one of the aforementioned tiki bar! Unusual fans with variously sized blades shatter all the old design rules, and so do streamlined models that look as if the would barely displace the air through which they move.

The dependable quality of Minka Aire fans has made them a favorite across the country. Known for creativity and state of the art technology, these fans mesh form and function in a way that both delights the eye and caresses the brow.

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