Malaga Is A Treasure of Costa Del Sol

Malaga Is A Treasure of Costa Del Sol
by Clinton Maxwell

If you are planning a trip to the Costa Del Sol of Spain, it helps to know what you are going to see. Because Malaga is the capital of the Malaga province there, you will probably spend a lot of time there. Here is a helpful Malaga city overview for you to get the most out of your visit.

You will probably reach Malaga, Andalucia’s second largest city, by the airport. It is a very convenient gateway to the rest of Europe and many discount flights are available. It is easy to arrange for ground transportation to begin your stay.

One reason people like to visit Malaga is for its museums. By far, the most famous resident of Malaga was Pablo Picasso. You can see the home where this famous artist was born and a great museum devoted to his works.

If your artistic tastes run to the more traditional, you can visit two museums at Alcazaba Castle: There is an archeological museum where you can see ancient Greek and Gothic pieces and even a Roman theater. You can also visit the Museo de la Ceramica, which is devoted to ancient and modern pottery. Elsewhere in town are the Museum of Arts and Popular Traditions and the city museum, both of which offer many hours of enjoyment.

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In addition to museums, Malaga has many other interesting places to visit. Among these is the cathedral, which dominates the city as it stands on the former site of a mosque. Work on the cathedral began in 1528 and its south tower is not finished even today. Because work on the cathedral stopped and started again and again (largely due to war and to shortage of funds), you will enjoy seeing the mix of architectural styles in this beautiful structure.

All this culture is bound to make you hungry. You won’t lack for good food here: The region is renowned for its wine and its fresh seafood. Sample the delicious cuisine at any of a number of places, from small stands, to elegant restaurants and nightclubs. Why not visit the marketplace and create your own picnic lunch in this charming town? You can eat it while watching ships in the harbor.

There are many fun activities to enjoy here, from swimming to golf to hiking to biking. But what would a trip to Spain be without a bullfight? You can see this traditional sport right here in Malaga.

As you can see, there is so much to do in this corner of Spain, you might forget to just kick back and enjoy the beach. It would be a shame to miss it, but remember: You can always come back. Malaga and its delights will be waiting for you to return.

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