Car crashes into a hire skip

by Local Fishern

is the responsibility of the supplier to look after once it has been hired. Or so I was under the nave impression. it was the annual best vegetable growing competition in 3 months. I was looking forward to it greatly.

last year, the day before the competition, a fox had snuck into my garden, and had a field day with my prize winning radishes. It took a huge chuck out of them. Realised they were not eggs, and flung them under cars, who then preceded to squish them! Did i forget to mention, i was extremly unlucky!

So this year I decided to start early, and create a disposable fence to keep out the ragamuffins, and them to unveil dramatically my hard work and beauty. I wanted to win so badly I decided it would make a better impression if I did all the work myself. So I went about finding a company. I needed a skip hire company to provide me with a builder’s skip, so I could shovel my old soil out, and lay fresh, nutritious particles for my vegetables to flourish.

I was told the skip was mine for 2 weeks. As my garden and surrounding areas are my pride and joy, I wanted to place the skip on a public highway. I needed a permit for this, but I wanted to win so badly that it didn’t really bother me.

A week later my skip was half full, I had been working day and night to get this under way. I figured I may need another skip hire. I was so anxious to get the work finished; I forgot one night to place lighting and cones around my skip, to make road users aware of the fact there was a huge skip in the middle of the road.

Boom! Jesus..i awoke with a t start. The clock read 1.53AM! What had happened? Being a star trek fan, I immedialty though aliens had landed on my house. I wish! It was an expensive diving head first into the side of my skip. I quicky rang the emergency sevices, and rushed out to see if the driver was ok. thankfully he was, the audi’s superb interior had saved him.

The emergancy services arrived and took the driver away. The next day I contacted the skip company, they said it was my responsibility to make sure the skip was safe for road users. They had provided me with the skip, the permit and the equipment to make sure it could be seen at night.

So just to prove my bad luck, not only did I not win the competition, but was left with a huge repair bill, and a compensation claim from a dazed business man. Drat.

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