How to Protect your Home from Termite Invasion

by Darren K. Thompson

Are you thinking about owning your own home in Sydney? If you are thinking about buying or selling, you need to be wary of termites. These can destroy a home before you even realize they are there. Many homes in Sydney are infested with termites. The damage they can do if uncontrolled is enormous. They are a problem that no one should take lightly.

Eliminating termites once they have moved in can be costly stressful. It is far better to prevent termites from setting up camp in the first place. The truth is that there are of you can keep your housing termite free. Take a proactive stance when it comes to termites, take care of a small problem before it becomes a big one!

The first thing that you need to do is to stay vigilant. Most experts recommend that you check your home for termites every year. While this might seem to be fairly often, remember that it doesn’t take all that long for termites to get in, make themselves at home to do some damage.

Termites are found in the ground, under dead wood also on the inside of wood. They make little piles of dirt and little tunnels of dirt or mud. Watch for these signs of termites anywhere you have wood in your home. Look for these signs outdoors too, especially in areas immediately surrounding the house.

Some wood is more resistant to termite infestation than others, try to use lumber made from redwood, juniper, or cedar to name a few. These varieties of wood have oils in them that make them much less attractive to termites other pests. These woods also have a beautiful finish and a pleasing scent. Keep moisture away as much as possible. Make sure everything in and around your home is as dry as possible. Don’t forget about the basement, get it sealed up and free from dampness.

Not only does your home need to be unattractive to termites, your yard surrounding area needs to be considered as well. Keep plants, flowers or any type of vegetation away from the house to prevent mold and dampness from forming on the exterior walls.

Take care to ensure that no water is spraying on your house from sprinklers or fountains. Also check for water leaks that you may not notice otherwise. Keep wood or any other type of clutter away from the outside walls. Weatherproof your home keep a close eye on the areas closest to the earth in particular.

Taking care to consider how to keep termites away can save you a lot of problems later. You may save money and a lot of grief in the years to come. If you are thinking of living in Sydney and owning your own home or even selling one, don’t overlook the importance of dealing with termites.

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