Simple Instructions for Planting Garden Flowers

by Lee Dobbins

The climate, natural landscape and soil will play a large role when planting garden flowers in at your home. The types flowers and plant as well as garden designs are endless so you will be sure to have an interesting and beautiful garden. Once you have accumulated ideas for you garden it is time to plan. You should make up a design as well as a budget, especially if you are planning on putting in an entire garden.

Budgets are important as plants, supplies and accessories can all add up before you know it. If you are only planting a few flowers then a budget may not be necessary but a complete renovation an existing garden or new garden will be pricey. You also may not be able to get certain plants and need to change your design.

plants are always excellent flowers to have in your garden as it is guaranteed that they will thrive. But you can also plant more as many plants have been adapted to survive in a variety conditions. If you are in need of ideas or information then you should consult a plant, flower, or gardening book.

Most beginners have no knowledge about planting flower gardens so don̵;t let that get you down. Your garden will evolve as your knowledge increases or tastes changes. It is very easy to fix plants and change things if you are unhappy with how it looks or your plants aren’t doing well.

It is important to have some sturdy gardening tools that will last. You also will need to prep your soil before planting as the majority soils need a help. Adding compost or manure to the soil helps to balance the pH as well as break down any clay spots that don̵;t drain well or help to solidify very sandy soils. You can obtain compost or manure from a gardening store, local farmer, or local horse animal farm. If you are really ambitious you can create your own compost pile from food scraps.

Then you need to chose plants for the different areas of sun and shade in your garden as you will have both. Certain plants thrive in sun and others in shade. Perennial flowers and roses need a lot of sun while geraniums, hosta, columbine and floxglove all do well in shady areas. There are also trees and shrubs that have light preferences as well that you can chose from.

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