Save Money And The Environment With Energy Efficient Appliances

by Michael Benifez

If you are one of a growing group of people looking to save money around the home, you investigate your electricity usage. Reducing the amount of electricity you use has two advantages: it will help you to save money and it is a good thing for the environment. A great way to reduce the amount you spend on your electricity bill is to choose appliances that are energy efficient.

If you are looking to purchase any new appliances, look for the following things:

The energy guide: It is a requirement in the United States, according to the Federal Trade Commission, that appliance manufacturers place labels on their products which indicate how much energy a particular appliance uses. This label, known as an energy guide, is most often colored black and yellow and is able to tell you a lot about the appliance you are considering. For example, it will indicate the cost of running the appliance in an average household for a year. It will also indicate the efficiency rating of the appliance in comparison to similar appliances.

The energy Star: This is a special logo that companies are able to use for their products to indicate how energy efficient they are. They are only allowed to display this Star according to law if the appliance has been tested and shown to meet or exceed particular energy standards as set by the government. An appliance with an energy Star can be as little as 20% more efficient than comparable models or as high as 100% more efficient. As a result, it pays off to purchase an appliance that has an energy Star: the higher the efficiency rating, the better it is for you and the environment.

Bigger is not always better. Some people are of the opinion that they need to the biggest appliance available. These people do not understand that the different sized appliances are to cater for different sized rooms and the needs of the people purchasing them. So, if you have a small, galley style kitchen, it would be a ridiculous waste of money and electricity to purchase the biggest air conditioner you can find.

You also examine the size and needs of your family. If you are a small family of two or three, you don’t need a huge refrigerator, or a giant washing machine, or a large capacity dishwasher.

It might seem confusing when you have to look at all of these terms and numbers when purchasing a new appliance. It is like looking on a bad credit report. You shouldn’t let this stop you from making a wise choice; these numbers and symbols and the information they contain are a powerful way for you to reduce your electricity costs over the long term. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, such as parts and repair warranty, and make comparisons before you make your choice.

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