Why Renewable Energy Solutions?

by Will Downing

Stating the obvious? Absolutely. The daily bombardment in the press, on television, even movies being made about climate change mean we are all fully aware of the problems we are facing as a race. And not just us humans – the planet and everything on it is at risk if we keep draining it of it’s natural resources. So we should be scared right? Exactly what is the situation and how scared should we be?

Well the biggie is there will be no left once we reach 2056 – that’s less than fifty years away. Chances are I’m not going to be around by then, and neither will many of you (unless cure for old age comes along). There will still be our offspring, and their offspring, and they are going to want oil and fuel to run their planet. How are they going to manage that if there’s none left?

A famous Scottish philosopher confidently stated we’ll have all the we need for ever. Problem is he hasn’t been alive for over two hundred years. His name was David Hume, and while he might have been right about a lot of things, he didn’t live in the world we live in today which is so highly dependent on fossil fuels.

But if you really need proof the world has an energy problem, just take a look at all the wars that have essentially been fought over this very problem. Oh, make no mistake about it. All that hubbub in the Middle is about one thing and one thing onlyoil. And the US knows that it’s days are numbered as far as relying on other sources for oil. As a result, we’re in bit of a panic mode right now.

For these reasons and tons more, we need to focus on renewable sources of energy. Otherwise, we’re going to be reverting back to the days when we rubbed two sticks together to cook our barbeque ribs.

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