Fireworks and Skip Hire

by Tasgo Skipern

Rememeber that amazing sound you hear when a fire work goes off. Now times that by 100 and keep it going throughout the night! That’s what happens around guy fawkes night. Especially if you live near open land.

I was fortunate enough to live no where near one. But that didn’t stop the noise. Where there’s a will there’s a way. And people found places to set them off regardless. I have two children, quite young, and so loved the fireworks. They would never forgive me we didn’t set any off ourselves.

I went out and bought some sparklers and little fireworks for our garden. We were paving our garden and the skip hire company us had placed the skip on our driveway, blocking it up! We needed some way of removing the waste and skip hire seemed perfect.

the sparklers were all well and good, but only kept them quiet for about 2 minutes. They wanted some of the bigger stuff, like their friend vince had at school! Being a single mum is hard enough as it is, so I finally gave in, and toddled back to the shop and bought some heavy duty ones.

I saved them for closer to the day, and kept it as bargining chip, to get them to behave! As for the work being done in our garden, well the skip was full, so I called the skip hire copmpany and agot them to take it away and deliver me one. They bought me one staright away. skip hire was a doddle compared to kids!

as the 5th of nov neared, I realised had no where to light these bloody fireworks. The garden was literally a bombsite, and the front was blocked by the skip hire company’s skip!

thinking about things, I had a eureka moment. The skip was empty. It was steel. It looked to as a starting point for the firework! Im sure the skip hire company would thank me, they have a new avenue in which they could promote their skips now!

I lit the first firework and stood to one side with the kids. I thought I was definitely a distance away. This plan went really wrong and the firework fell over and hit the side of the skip, rebounding off and heading for the house. Then it flew through the open window and the next thing i knew, it was the house that was brightly lit.. on fire!

Luckily, me nor the kids got injured in the process and we got insurance for the house damage. The skip hire company however, were far from happy. Which I totally understand of course, my advice is never a skip with fireworks!

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