Samsung LN52A850

by Ryan Alberts

This set is amazing. I had a 61″ that had a effective image, but It wasn’t anywhere near as good as this. The picture quality is incredible. When shots involve people in a room for instance it’s like looking in on them through a window each detail is bright, deep, and crisp. And that is with SD.

I taped some black & shows and they have never looked so great. HD is nothing short of spectacular. This set can be set to have a 60 hz or 120 hz refresh rate.

The 60 is good, but the 120 gets it to the next level. The higher refresh rate gives near Blue Ray quality to shots where is far details in the background. These details become visible with the higher refresh rate. I’m watching perfectly with no artifacts in the picture at all.

The viewing angles are where I experience a big difference from what I’m used to. The picture quality presents low or no no matter how far to the side you get. I’ve laid on the floor directly below the set and the picture is great, and yet when I stand right next to it and look down on it the image is still great.

are enough of inputs, including 4 HDMI ports. All these various input ports are accessible using the remote. The remote has all the standard characteristics, but it also includes a click wheel that I have found to work well. Clicking the center of the click wheel brings up a menu of the numerous features on this TV.I wont bother naming them here, there’s a good list on the site. Once the list comes up you can scroll and click through the many characteristics to use them or turn them off.

The screen is only 2 inches thick, and the whole set doesn’t weigh very much at all. You do see some blaze on the screen generally during the day. The screen can be pivoted thought an that helps a lot. The base is very stable. I have the set sitting on a sturdy but narrow table and because most of the weight of the set is in the base the TV sits nicely and isn’t tippy at all.

Only 2 inches thick, Samsung’s astonishing bran-new LN52A850 offers all of the characteristics of the 750 Series models in an incredibly light, sleek package.

I checked this set out at show room with many LCD’s and plasma’s on show and this set had what I say is the greatest picture by far. Even in a large room with a lot of light. I recommend this TV without the slightest reluctance.

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