How to Grow an Apartment Garden

by Keith Markensen

Even if you live in a small apartment, you can grow a garden for fresh vegetables and herbs. In fact, many plants can be grown in an apartment, some in a window box and others on a patio. There are hundreds of plants, vegetables, and flowers that you can grow in containers. You can even buy to match any dcor.

If you are lucky enough to have a patio off your apartment, this will lend itself well to gardening. If you don’t have a patio to use, you can still place plants near the window to give them sunlight, or choose plants that grow well in the shade. If you lack floor space or a patio, you can also grow plants on trellises to use vertical space. Or, try hanging baskets. Even strawberry plants can be grown in this manner.

If you wish to grow flowers in your apartment, annuals are probably the best choice. You won’t have to worry about what to do with your perennials during the winter months. Be aware that some flowers can attract certain flying insect. For your apartment, choose flowers such as magnolias that repel insects and rodents.

Once you’ve chosen the plants, you’ll also need to select a container in which to grow them. the right container from the beginning can help your plants grow successfully. You can grow many vegetables from seeds, but if they are replanted too often, they will not thrive. Typically, plants grown in vegetable gardens, like tomatoes, can handle one replanting just fine. However, especially once they start to bear fruit, you should leave them alone in their container.

When you’re a container for your plants, imagine what they will look like when full-grown. Consider the size of the mature plant, and whether you will have enough room to let it grow in the apartment or on your patio unrestricted. For example, a hanging basket can be a great choice to hang outside your apartment, but if it is too small for the plant to grow freely, its growth will be stifled.

There are many varieties of plants that can be grown in small areas. You can have orchids, or potted plants, or palms like the bamboo palm plant. So be sure to choose these when shopping for plants to grow in your apartment. You can grow everything from herbs and vegetables to foliage and even beautiful flowers in your apartment, if you consider the plants’ requirements before purchasing them.

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