Victorian Design Floors Were Well Kept

Victorian Design Floors Were Well Kept
by Carter Dutchen

Once you’ve been exposed to Victorian interior design you’ll find it is very distinctive and really pretty hard to miss. It has a unique look and sense, and you’ll find yourself returning to its charm time and again. We’ve all seen the quality image of the woman dressed in eighteen hundreds fashion with her parasol as her someone special assists her into a small rowboat for an afternoon on the lake. This Victorian interior design model is exceedingly popular particularly in the New England U S. There are a number of key elements involved with this interior plan. You’ll need to stay with these if you want true Victorian ambiance.

The Victorian era began in England, it is more often than not attached to the reign of Queen Victoria, and meaning why the label Victorian is placed on this particular model, the original era was from 1837 to 1901. Queen Victoria was the longest reigning monarch in England until recently and the time of her rule is remembered fondly because, not only was it a period of unmatched peace, but it was also a time of moving advancement as the industrial revolution had begun. Great fortunes were being made.

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The general positive feeling of the period is something that people look at in a very positive light and even those people that never lived during that period find joy and happiness in images from that period. The architecture of the day was grand, and Victorian interior design would more or less think of as clutter today. However, it lives on and is preferred by people all over the world.

Stick It on Your Wall
A characteristic of this Victorian interior is wallpaper. Wall covering has been with us since the Romans, but it was becoming the wall covering, we know today at about the time of the Victorian period. People of means would use wallpaper as a statement that indicated that they could afford to paper their walls in these beautiful colors.

Wallpaper became a class symbol, and so it was a standard to be used in any interior design during the Victorian era. Should you be restoring or simply decorating your home in the Victorian motif, you will be including wallpaper. Should you not be a huge devote of wallpaper you’re most likely not a true Victorian interior design person, and you likely may only wish to think about accumulating Victorian period furnishings .

The Victorian design floors were usually well kept. They are also very beautiful. They are hard wood with ornamental throw rugs on them. Wall to wall carpeting is not very Victorian. If you have wall to wall carpeting, changing to hard wood flooring aught to be the first order of business. Picture frames are circular for some reason, and are associated with the Victorian look, although the idea of circular picture frames has been around for centuries. Overall, a Victorian look is about having wealth in the 1800’s and while it can be a much-cluttered theme, it can be very beautiful.

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