Easily Pack Appliances And Garage For Storage

by The Affordable Storage Guy

Greetings! Here are some more excellent ideas on how to pack your appliances and ranch items for storage.

Let’s begin with the biggest items first. Large appliances should be clean and dry with all moveable parts secured. Smaller appliances may be cleaned and then packed together in clearly marked boxes. Cushion with sufficient padding to keep movement to a minimum within the box.

You can keep your electrical cords neat and tidy by taping them to the appliances they belong to. if there is any risk of the knobs being damaged or lost during the move, take them off and store them in a plastic bag.

Washing machines – The first step is to make sure that they are dry. Be sure to drain all water from the hoses. does then, prevent damage during moving, wedge padding between the tub and the sides of the washer.

Dishwashers – Again, make sure that all water has been drained from the hoses and the interior of the dishwasher. Make sure all movable parts are wrapped or taped so that their secure during the move.

Stove – After the stove has been cleaned and disconnected, remove all of the pans and racks and wrapped them separately. Finally, if you’re worried about the burners or elements, you can use some tape to hold them in place.

Refrigerators and Freezers – Leave yourself about three days for defrosting and cleaning. Tape the doors shut during the move but, while in storage, the doors to be kept slightly open to prevent mildew. During the move you can use the inside to store lightweight items such as pillows or stuffed toys.

Electronic Equipment – Ideally, you still have the original boxes. They are the best ones to use again. However, wrapping and safely in bubble wrap or foam is okay too. Drawn picture or take a photo of where the cables go and store it inside the same box as the piece of equipment. You’ll be glad you did when it comes time to hook it back up again.

Lawn and Garage Items – Drain all gasoline and oil from lawn mowers, weed eaters and other equipment. All batteries should be disconnected. Tie loose items like rakes and hoes together.

Sports Equipment – items like balls, rackets and shoes can easily fit into moderate or small boxes without any problems at all. Bigger items like skis and snowboards can be stored without any additional packing whatsoever; however if you’d like a to keep the dust off them, put them in a large plastic mattress bag.

Bikes – Clean and lubricate your bike before you pack it. Then remove the pedals and seat and turn the handlebars in. Ideally bikes should be further dismantled and boxed to protect them during a move. If you don’t box the bike, make sure to drape plastic wrap on top of it while it is in storage. The plastic will keep the bike clean while in storage and help you problems resulting from dust buildup.

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