Butcher your power bills in 3 weeks or less using home wind power

by Gene Vent

Renewable energy resources such as home wind power, solar cells and geothermal heat have major sources of eco-friendly power for the entire planet. These 8 facts will make clear how home wind power can benefit you.

1. Simply put, the revolving blades of a wind turbine pick up energy from the wind. This is transferred through a mechanism to a generator that produces electricity that is either used right away, stored for later in batteries, or sold to the local power authority. The systems can be expensive but there are many ways of building and installing one cheaply. Many homes in North America already are powered by wind generators that produce 1kw and more.

2. In some localities, you can make a deal with your local power authority. What it does is allow you to sell excess power to them. Your system will a bit in the short run but, since the turbines and last 25 years or more, it will pay for itself many times over. In some localities, you can even get a tax break for being a producer of power.

3. Most of the energy in wind is 0;wasted”. Energy Balls are a class of wind turbine that use most of the power in the wind especially microwinds which are the major source of loss. Most Energy Balls are sold in sizes of 1 meter to 2 meters (3 to 6 feet) in diameter.

4. Home wind power generators have to be able to cope with every change of the wind. At other times, power usage in the home is light and the system must have built in safeguards. One such feature, for example, turns the rotors blades away from the wind when damage would occur due to wind speed. Other systems protect the power plant from over speeding when there is little or no power demand on it.

Some view wind towers and such as ugly and annoying. On the other hand, they are a lot prettier than power lines and smoke stacks from power generators.

5. You will need a method of storing excess electricity for when the wind is slow or calm. The best way of doing this is using what are called deep-cycle batteries. A system will have enough storage capacity to hold the power needs of three days of no wind.

6. In times of long periods of calm wind, power can be purchased from the local power authority. On the other hand, if you are in a position of having excess power and you can’t or don’t want to sell power to the local power grid, you can pass the excess energy into the immersion heaters of your hot water tank.

7. Some home wind power systems are tied into the local power grid. In times of excess, power is automatically sold and meterred to the local utility. In times of need, your system sucks power off the grid automatically and you are billed for what you use. All this can be easily done automatically but make sure the whole installation is approved by an electrician or other knowledgeable expert. Let electricity be your friend, not your enemy.

Building your own home wind power system isn’t rocket science. Your greatest assets will be knowledge and inspections to know it is safe and efficient. Read, invest in knowledge and don’t rush. You are building something that will benefit you for decades.

There is evidence out there that birds, bats and other creatures are affected by home wind power generators. I personally believe this to be so make sure that your install is as far away from their natural habitats as possible. I like the little beasties too.

8. This is not brain surgery but, you can get hurt or operate a system that is inefficient. Spend a little money now to learn from the best. This will allow you to knowledgeably build a system that will efficiently and safely deliver savings to you for years.

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