The World Of Industrial Shelving

Every business needs storage space, and what better than shelves, which is one the most durable options (no drawers runners to stick or doors to bang around and fall off). You might need industrial shelving for your stockroom, in which case, you’re looking for some heavy-duty shelves. You’ll probably want some basic galvanized metal shelves. But, you might have more specific needs. Industrial shelving units can have solid or mesh shelves and frames. They can also be plain shelves or they can have dividers and modular containers built in to suit your requirements.

However industrial shelving is also useful for office storage. Paper is heavy in bulk, just try lifting a few reams it. There’s even an urban legend that the library at Glasgow University is sinking because when they built it they allegedly didn’t take into account the weight of the books. Best not to try wall shelving – it’ll make a terrible mess of your walls when gravity finally rips those files earthwards. It’s industrial shelving all the for offices. Basic, no frills shelving will be great for store rooms, but there are plenty attractive pieces for open office spaces. Perhaps you want shiny chrome, or brightly colored shelves. Nobody will realise that this is industrial shelving – simply that it is aesthetically pleasing functional furniture.

When choosing a supplier industrial shelving, one of the most important services to look for is delivery. Will they deliver quickly and conveniently? It is Spring, the traditional time for cleaning. If you decide to organise your workspace or shop floor today, will you have your industrial shelving to help you tomorrow? Will they assemble the shelves – even if it costs more. Do you trust yourself to be able to construct the shelves at all? Even if you are, can you say confidently that you can put them together well enough that you will indeed have industrial shelving, not a rickety DIY disaster?

However, you might need a shelving unit that you can not only construct yourself, but that is also able to be dismantled, and rearranged as your storage needs change. Luckily there are many units that fit these specifications. Some shelves are even designed to be assembled and reassembled without any tools, their parts simply lock into place. Whether you use your industrial shelving in a warehouse, or for public display your goods, there’s a perfect unit out there for you. And units are often fully adjustable so that you can fit them to your needs. Another important point to consider is the weight or load your shelves will need to bear. Your supplier should be able to advise you on the correct strength of shelving you need. You might need industrial shelving that is fixed more permanently.

High quality industrial shelving will save you time locating stock, and will keep your goods safe from knocks and bumps, and they’ll be safely off the ground if there is ever a flood or serious spillage. Don’t take chances with your livelihood, get the proper storage solution for your business.

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