The Many Uses Of Van Racking

If you don’t have a van, you probably haven’t heard of van racking. If you do own a van you still might not know what van racking is. The days of dirty, vans are over. The modern workman is organized and professional. If your van looks like a small whirlwind passed through it a decade ago, and the wreckage left as it fell, then you might just need some van racking.

Your van is an important part of your business, treat it that way. Don’t treat it like most people teat their garages – filling them full of tools, garden furniture, and household rubbish that “might come in one day”. Then before you know it, you can’t fit your toddler’s first tricycle in it, let alone your car. With quality van racking you can secure small breakable objects safely. You can also carry hazardous items safely, containers of flammable liquids can be stored upright with no chance of tipping over and spilling their contents.

Toolbox too small or too heavy? Organize your and cut those ones you rarely use in a handy van racking system, that way you’ll only need to carry the essentials, but you know exactly where to find that specialized instrument for the especially tricky job. You’ll also be able to get optimum use of your space so you can carry more items. If you have a sleek shelving unit, think of all that extra floor space. It’ll be so attractive that you might even be tempted to sleep there. Just take your clean dry sleeping back off its shelf and snooze away.

When you’re the ideal van racking system, you’ll need to think about what you want to store in it. Do you need long shelves for large items, medium-sized boxes, or small trays for sorting different sizes of nuts and bolts? Shallow shelves, or deep ones? What about drawers? Luckily, there is an extensive range of solutions available, from simple shelving systems to complex units individually constructed to the exact dimensions of your van, and completely tailored to your needs.

Van racking systems are sturdy and durable, much better than cardboard boxes. And once your van is tidier than a monk’s bedroom, you can laminate the floor, and install a picture window making it a real home from home.

Or alternatively you’ll just be able to work more efficiently, gaining time from knowing where everything is and having it all with you all the time. If you add up all the time spent finding things that get lost in the chaos of your van, you might just fit in a few more jobs each week.

Then you can spend your extra cash on more van racking to become even more efficient, by which stage you’ll be so fast and profitable you might want to work less often. Work smarter, not harder. Invest in some van racking and never again lose that screwdriver, or break that flimsy piece of wood the next time you drive over a cavernous unavoidable pothole.

Since we started in 2004, we have been sending out thousands of parcels every week to homeowners and businesses within the UK and Southern Ireland. BigDug is your one-stop-shop for all your shelving, racking and storage needs.

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