How To Protect Your Home From Burglaries And Thieves

by Caden Flynn

According to FBI statistics, burglaries are committed every 15 seconds, on average. To avoid being a burglary victim yourself, there are some simple steps you can take as a homeowner. with locking the doors, and arranging for neighbors to watch the house if you will be gone for an extended period. Make arrangements with neighbors to watch each others’ homes for burglars. These steps are free, and just require a little thought on your part.

Other burglary deterrents, such as the installation of an alarm system, can be a little more expensive. However, keep in mind that these systems keep not only your home and possessions, but also your loved ones, safe. This should be worth any expense to you.

To begin burglar-proofing your home, thinking of your home from a potential thief’s perspective. Walk around the outside of your home, noting any weaknesses where a burglar could potentially gain access without anyone noticing. Then, do something to lessen the chances of thieves gaining access in this way. For example, cut back bushes that serve to hide the thief. Cover any unprotected glass, particularly if it is to the ground, so that a thief cannot enter by breaking the glass.

Once you have done this check during daylight hours, perform it again after dark. Consider the amount of light around your home, as well as any shadows that could hide potential burglars. Make note of any pathways down which strangers could walk unheard and unseen. Also consider any curtains or shades left open, allowing a clear view of interior spaces, inhabitants, and valuables.

Once you have completed this review, it is time to protect your home. with several basics that cost very little. For example, a strong wooden or metal bar can keep sliding windows secure. Although bolt locks won’t stop the most professional thieves, they will stop amateur burglars.

Most burglars are simply looking for the easiest targets. Make your house less of a target by making it look like someone is always home. Empty houses make good for burglars. Rather than leaving a light on all the time, which makes it obvious that nobody is home, install a few timers around the house. This way, lights and other electronics will turn on seemingly randomly, simulating normal use. These timers are an inexpensive and effective way to protect your home.

You may also wish to consider installing a home security systems. There are several choices that cost about a dollar a day, which is a relatively inexpensive way to protect your home, valuables, personal finance, and loved ones. They may also help lower your homeowner’s insurance premiums which is a great help on your household financial planning, and many can be installed without professional help. You may want to purchase a system with a battery backup, in case of a power outage.

The most basic systems will alert you when a door or window is opened. However, some burglars use glass cutters, so you may want to consider an alarm with a vibration sensor or detector.

Making the effort to install these simple, cost solutions in your home can greatly improve your odds of avoiding a burglary.

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